The God of Angel Armies

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The week has come to a close. Our time in Nicaragua has ended. The six team members will most likely not all return to Nicaragua together and even if we do, the mission will be different. Our hearts are somewhat torn. We are excited to return home our families but we are also leaving a new family behind in El Chonco.

We don’t want to forget what God has done this week; how we discovered why he chose each of us for this team and how he spoke through Pastor Tom and Deb to heal and revive marriages.  We want to praise him for his protection of safety and health he granted our team. Will you pray this prayer with us?

  ‘Father, thank you for working in El Chonco long before we knew it even existed. Thank you for choosing Salem to be your salt and light in this community. As we go back home, help us to be a testimony to the work you are doing here in El Chonco. Grant our brothers and sisters in El Chonco with peace and health and faith until we return. You are almighty and we love you.’

God went before us to Nicaragua, he paved the way for us. Any seeds that we planted were possible because we know that God went before us and prepared the hearts. Any seeds that were harvested this week, we know were because God went before us and prepared the harvest! We can rejoice in knowing that the ‘God of angel army’s’ goes before us. We can also take comfort in knowing that Jesus is also paving the way for us to go home. As the team met together for the last time, we shared fears and anxieties about going (there were many.) God is already home and he is orchestrating every situation we will enter into.

    “And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your heats and minds in Christ Jesus”     Philippians 4:7

I am signing out for now, I hope you enjoyed keeping up with us here throughout the week. We have seen how your prayers being answered, so thank you. Keep an eye out on the blog for updates from the team in February!

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